Wes Coughlin is an documentary and adventure sports filmmaker known for telling captivating stories about BASE jumping, sharks, and adventure sports. Raised in the high desert of Central Oregon, a utopia for adventure sports, Wes is a prime example of what it means to be a product of one’s environment. In his early days, Wes competed in freestyle snowboarding while earning a degree in International Business from Oregon State University. Later on he quickly took to the sky with specialties in BASE jumping, paragliding, and skydiving.

Wes is quickly becoming the go to filmmaker for anything air sports related. He directed GoPro’s first web series starring professional ski BASE jumper Matthias Giraud which premiered on Outside Television, he helped Garmin bring wingsuit pilots to never before flown mountain peaks in Alaska, and he successfully pitched Facebook to use BASE jumping to promote the launch of their new Live feature.

Wes is also the co-director of a new feature length documentary called “Unjumpable.” A harrowing story about one man’s quest to gain access to London’s most secure buildings and BASE jump off them (to be release in fall 2018).

Outside of the sports world, Wes has performed many different roles for both commercial and television productions; including lead editor for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week episode “Lair of the Sawfish,” and editing and compositing for Facebook “Games” commercials.

Wes is a passionate creative at heart with an athletes lust for adventure and is rarely seen without camera in hand. For commercial bookings please email hello@delve.media