Coming Fall 2018

Big rewards often come with big risks, and the sport of ski BASE jumping is both those. The number of active ski BASE jumpers have been dwindling over the years, some star athletes have passed away in the pursuit of what they love, and others have completely stop jumping because the risks are too high.

Matthias Giraud comes face to face with the reality of his sport when he suffers a near fatal cliff strike in the French Alps, putting him into a coma. Back in Oregon, Matthias’ wife Joann is 9 months pregnant and is on the verge of giving birth to their first child. Matthias wouldn’t be the first of his kind to leave behind a wife and family in the pursuit of his passion for ski BASE jumping.

Matthias Giraud
JT Holmes
Eric Roner
Joann Giraud
Grant Gunderson

Directed by Wes Coughlin